Don't Be Fooled by the Name (No 31 Mining Tape)

    The Scotch 31 Heavy Duty Mining Tape (No 31 Mining Tape) is basically a "Fix All" product which is a heavy duty,flexible, abrasion resistant, flame retardant, UV resistant tape that can be applied on-site to repair damaged mining cable jackating, (especially flexible cables). Can be used inside & outside of Mines - Intrinsically Safe !

    Which of course means that there are many other industries & applications this Great Product can be used in. Such as Refineries, Chemical Plants, Shipping Terminals, Telecommunications, Gas & Oil.

    The No 31 Mining Tape means that you can repair Cables without having to replace sections which will save you on Labour, Production Down time / Production Shutdown untill you are ready for your programmed maintenance.

    For more info, please feel free to contact us, or Click here for the Pdf of the Scotch 31 Heavy Duty Mining Tape,   No 31 Mining Tape Pdf



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