Welcome to Embossing & Tape Supplies website dedicated to the Venture Clad range of products.We are distributors of Venture Tapes Australasia.

We ship our products throughout Australia,New Zealand & many parts of Asia.   

The Venture Clad Range of Foil Tapes were introduced to the world in 2000.This product range is very unique with many wide & varied applications with uses in many different industries. Venture Clad is designed basically to prevent or halt corrosion.This is a Self Adhesive Product not requiring additional adhesive's,mastics,or mechanical fasteners to create a seal.Venture Clad Products bond 100% to the surface providing a zero-permeability barrier that moisture cannot penetrate,providing a neat,clean & dependable weather barrier.

      The Venture Clad range of products are revolutionary & are drastically changing the way that many industries previously did things in terms of process's ,materials used, & labour saving cost's.

      The Venture Clad Jacketing Tape range essentially have the same qualities with minor differences to suit different applications.





 The 3 different types of Venture Clad foil tapes we have available are;


 - Venture Clad 1577 - 5ply laminate foil tape,available in natural(silver),white, & black.

- Venture Clad 1579 - 13ply laminate foil tape,available in natural (silver),white, & black.

- Venture Clad 1574 - Hypalon backing,resistant to a wide variety of organic & inorganic chemicals,available in white only.


The Venture Clad 1577,1579  come plain or embossed depending on what type of appearance you are after.

The Venture Clad 1577,1579 & 1574 come in logs of 1.5mtr x 50mtr & can be slit to any size to meet your requirements.


The main qualities that the whole range possess are;

- U.V. Resistant                                 - 10year warranty

- Act as a 100% vapour barrier,therefore can encapsulate asbestos

- Easy to use for repairs,can save time & money to put a patch over a punctered/torn area of metal jacketing, sheeting,refridgeration seam,etc, instead of having to replace the whole section.


- Will prevent,or halt Corrosion Under Insulation (C.U.I.).

- Labour Savings,up to 50% for the Venture Clad 1577, & 20% for the Venture Clad 1579.

- No off-site fabrication is required.Venture Clad is easily cut with a pair of scissors,allowing a fast on-site tailored installation.

- No Primers,Activators,Heat Guns required,ie,no special tools required for Installation.

- Neat,Clean,Dependable Material,can be painted over.

- All 3 Venture Clad Products,1577,1579 & 1574 contain tested & approved mold inhibiting agents.






      Some industries(but not limited to),that the Venture Clad Range of Foil tapes(1577,1579 & 1574) are used in are;


-Cladding,Insulation,Pipe Lagging,Tank Re-juvenation,Refineries, Chemical Plants.

- Civil Engineering,Infrastructure,Civil Works,Bridges,etc.

- Refridgeration,Air Conditioning,Cool Room Repairs(joint seams,etc), Pipe Insulation.

- Corrosion Proofing,Anti-Corrosion,will prevent C.U.I.(corrosion under insulation).

- Ships,Boat Builders

- Chemical,Gas,Pharmaceutical Industries.

      We,(Embossing & Tape Supplies) also do a wide variety of Double Sided & Specialty Tapes used in a wide variety of industries, ranging from Printing to Aerospace,Signs to Electronics,Mining to Food Industries,& so on.

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      Over time we are planning to expand this website with more information,photo's & examples of the Venture Clad Range (Venture Clad 1577,1579 & 1574) of products.Any enquiries or questions you have,please feel free to contact us.